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Rising 5,396 meters above sea level, Haba Snow Mountain lies between the cities of Lijiang and Shangri-La, in southwest China’s Yunnan Province. Drawn by the region’s natural beauty, travelers from throughout China and around the globe come to experience its lofty heights, its profound valleys, and the breathtaking vistas.

The Haba Snow Mountain area offers many natural attractions. These range from deep virgin forests to showy alpine flowers, from plunging waterfalls to serene alpine lakes, and from meadows of grazing yaks to ethnic villages steeped in tradition. The renowned Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the deepest gorges on earth, embraces the entire southeast side of the mountain. The glacier-clad peak overlooks them all.

Hiking opportunities abound on 200 kilometers of trekking routes. These vary from one-day excursions to multi-day outings lasting up to a week. This website offers a comprehensive guide to these treks.

Towering peak, shining snow,
calming lake, greening grass,
heart and soul of this enchanted land.
Mountain paradise above our mundane world.
Like a dreamland come to life,
evoking lucid vision and penetrating insight.


From the book Dameishanhe : Hutiaoxia (大美山河:虎跳峡). Translation by P.C.

Haba Snow Mountain inspires deep sentiments, as these poetic words show. Walking, exploring, listening, observing, I have grown to love the Haba high country. I invite you to visit and experience your own inspiration.

Pieter Crow
Kunming, Yunnan

Important Note: This website assumes most trekkers will hire a guide. See the Guides page for details. Trekkers who intend to travel independently should be well-versed in backcountry and off-trail navigation. Please review these notes on skills and gear for more information.


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